The “bones” of this house were legitimate 50’s modern vintage, but some of the 60’s overlay  such as the stonework and the aluminum windows needed acute attention. Removing the stone façade  and inserting the thin profile of steel transforms the 50’s look into a contemporary modern feel.

The entry is a pause point of the new layout. A six-foot wide pivot front door of glass swings open  to the foyer on a tile floor that extends seamlessly from outside to inside without a dividing threshold.  Grooved, mottled black porcelain tiles line the former rock wall that also moves from outside to inside creating  visual seamlessness. Kitchen, dining and living room now flow toward the “pivot” area of the entry and circulation  feels unrestricted. Spaces that were segregated are now conjoined. Choke points now breathe.

An integrated living/dining and kitchen experience now exists, where the fireplace can be enjoyed from all areas.  Expansion of kitchen windows proved to be the most effective in allowing natural light to wash across the now open  kitchen and living areas. The floating soffit above the island creates a sense of visual separation but doesn’t impede  natural light as it lends an airiness to the space.

The concrete island serves as the sink/prep area as well as separation between the kitchen and living room.  In combination with the homeowner’s woodcarving panel that was a carryover from the previous kitchen, the concrete  island adds a hand-crafted, artful balance to the kitchen’s linear, modern aesthetic.


Project Scope: Upgrade a Mid-Century styled modern home including ranch-style rock and wood façade, entry and gate.
Location: Lafayette, CA